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I build web user interfaces to deliver great user experiences for the web.

Hey, my name is Armno Prommarak. I am a frontend developer and a team lead at Buzzwoo Asia – a digital agency in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

My main focus is about JavaScript frameworks and frontend performance.

Besides work, I'm a big nerd. I enjoy reading books, taking photos, building mechanical keyboards, cycling with my road bike, and tinkering stuffs. And by the way, I love serif fonts.

Check out my blog to see what I’ve learned recently. I also write about life in my personal blog.

Get in touch

You can find me on GitHub. Otherwise, you can also contact me via email at monkeyarmno at*.

Nice to meet you!
– Armno

*I might or might not reply to your email. Emails from recruiters or online marketers are usually ignored.