Tools I use

Inspired by where developers share their hardware/software/tools they use regularly. Here are my tools, updated for 2023.



dark terminal screenshot
light terminal screenshot



Computers: I use

2015, 15-inch MacBook Pro

Monitor: a Samsung 28” UR55 UHD 4K Monitor mounted with an NB-F80 Monitor arm.

Samsung UR55 4k monitor

Keyboards: Ginkgo65 65% mechanical keyboard at work and a custom Tofu 60% mechanical keyboard at home.

my Ginkgo65 mechanical keyboard at work
Build details: Ginkgo65 Black x Copper / Polycarbonate plate / Durock V2 stabs / C3 Tangerine 67g + Krytox 205g0 / MT3 Extended 2048 Katakana
my custom 60% mechanical keyboard
Build details: Tofu alu case / DZ60 PCB / Aluminum plate / Everglide stabs / Gateron milky brown / MT3 Susuwatari

Mouse: Logitech M331 Silent

Headphones: I have a few too many of them for my various use cases

Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones
Audio Technica M50x
JBL Quantum 100 headphones

Note taking: Any normal notebook and a black pen.

muji pens


Not something I use everyday, but still worth mentioning.

Fujifilm XE-1
Nich Faith 2 Custom